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At Autoroll, we are proud to sell our range of garage doors and roller shutters for residential and commercial environments directly through our website. In this handy online catalogue, you can browse through various item categories, browsing the details of our aluminium insulated, steel, three phase and fire rated external roller doors. All products sold at Autoroll can be customised to suit your needs, whether you require a garage door of certain dimensions or a galvanised roller shutter of a particular colour to match your property. We even sell spares and accessories for future repairs and modifications as well.

Our Autotherm Premium range of garage doors come in a choice of colours
Premium Garage doors starting from £542 inc. vat
Made to measure Premium double doors from £686 inc. vat.
Made to measure Golden Oak insulated roller garage doors are suitable to fit an opening up to 4420mm wide by 2134mm high. (14ft 6'' x 7ft).
A black remote-control-operated roller garage door
Black premium remote control roller garage door 4420mm w by 2134mm high (14ft 6'' x 7ft'')
Premium Insulated electric garage door in white. Limited special offer - now £699!
remote control aluminium insulated garage door
Throughout January and February we are discounting our 8ft x 7ft (2438mm x 2134mm) aluminium insulated roller garage doors from £630 to £499.