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A man standing in front of a 3-phase industrial roller shutterAt Autoroll we manufacture industrial roller shutter doors, purpose made to suit our customers requirements. Three phase roller shutters are designed to be fitted in a high use area, where they will be operated many times throughout the day or if the shutter is large, weighing 450 kg or over.

General Specification

The roller shutter curtain is constructed from either 22 or 20 gauge galvanised steel lath, depending on the application. The bottom of the door is fitted with a galvanised steel T section bottom rail for added strength. The side guide rails are available in various sizes ranging from 50mm to 100mm and also a wind guide option is available.


The roller doors are powered by a high quality 3-phase direct drive motor with a built in safety break. These motors come already wired, complete with a 5-pin plug, ready to connect directly to a 3-phase power supply. They also come with pre-wired low voltage starters and have open / close and emergency stop buttons as standard. An emergency chain operated manual override is also provided to allow the door to be operated in the event of power failure.

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The pictures above are examples of 2 different types of 3-phase motors which we currently use and are suitable for most applications.

Door Finishes
Powder coated
BS13241 compliant