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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 12 months return to base parts warranty on all of our doors. Unfortunately we cannot offer any warranties on any of the finishes for doors fitted within 1 mile of the sea or salt estuary.

No, the remote control unit can simply be plugged into a normal 3-pin plug socket.

All of our roller doors come complete with an internal manual override system, which allows you in the event of power failure to manually wind the door up and down from inside the garage. If there is no other access door into your garage, then we can supply as an optional extra, an external lockable manual override system which would allow you to wind the door up manually from the outside of your garage.

All of our roller doors comply with the current European Legislation and come complete with the relevant Declarations for the door type. They are CE marked.

This will depend on the area in which you live and how many strong radio signals there are in the area but typically you can expect the handset to work up to 50 metres away.

We only fit doors in the North East of England, however in some areas we may be able to pass on details of fitters, who would be able to install the door for you.

All of our doors are designed for DIY installation and any competent DIY person with the necessary tools should easily be able to install them.However, we accept no responsibility for any damage or injury how so ever caused. Our fitting instructions are for guidance only as we continue to develop and improve our doors. We are more than happy to offer any advice and guidance over the telephone regarding the installation

300mm would be ideal, although if the door is ordered with a fascia, you can get away with less headroom, providing your opening height is adequate.