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Why should I choose electric roller garage doors?

Electric roller garage doors provide you with a huge amount of convenience when compared to manual garage doors.

Here are just a few reasons why you could benefit from installing automatic garage doors

1.  A higher level of safety

Benefits of an insulated garage door

insulated roller garage door

With colder weather on the horizon, you can expect your heating bills to start rising as you prioritise keeping your home warm and cosy and ensuring the cold stays out. Improving insulation, however, is a far more efficient way of regulating and maintaining a constant warm temperature in your home, making it a sound investment. Environmentally, it will also reduce your properties carbon footprint.

What are the advantages of Aluminium Garage Doors?

aluminium garage doors

Aluminum is the perfect material for garage doors for a huge number of reasons.

As a garage door material, Aluminium is both strong and durable, and is far lighter than steel and other metals. While these properties have both their good and bad sides, you’ll see why this metal is so popular. Here are the major reasons why you should choose aluminium garage doors for your home.

3 Main Advantages of Aluminum Garage Doors

5 reasons to replace your existing garage doors.

replace your garage door

Wear and tear

In some cases, roller garage door components can be replaced, we stock general door spare parts, however in many instances this is not an option - and can also compromise the long term safety of the door. If your garage door has been broken or damaged - whether deliberately or accidentally it is often worth seeking a replacement rather than attempting to repair.

Home office garage conversion

A roller garage door provides an excellent front for a home office or workshop

A Trusted UK Trade Garage Door Supplier

AutoRoll are specialist garage door suppliers to the trade and also to homeowners throughout the UK.

We have a long standing reputation for providing a high-quality, end-to-end service - creating a product that perfectly fits around your specific requirements.

Insulated garage doors

What is plastisol and why do we use it for our roller garage doors?

Electric Garage Doors

Automated garage doors can be simple and affordable

Garages are an essential part of everyday life in the home, whether attached to the house or when constructed as a separate structure. Today we expect more from our home improvements to make better use of the space we have and to automate tasks as much as possible.

What are the advantages of electric roller garage doors?

insulated roller garage doors

The garage is becoming more and more important to families and households throughout the UK. Rather than just being seen as a dead space for storing items, it is becoming more varied in use and often requires more frequent access to the space. In some instances where there is a room above the garage, there may be a need for insulation and a more energy efficient door required, so our aluminium insulated door would be a perfect choice.

Maintaining Roller Shutters the Easy Way

  1. Clean Regularly – Cleaning your shutters on a regular basis will help to avoid a build up of dirt, which can easily cause them to stick when opening or closing. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons that roller shutter engineers are called out, according to industry experts. Doors which are fitted near to a salt air environment need to cleaned on a more regular basis, as if the door coating is damaged by grit, it’s possible that the salt air will cause it to rust or peel.