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5 reasons to replace your existing garage doors.

replace your garage door

Wear and tear

In some cases, roller garage door components can be replaced, we stock general door spare parts, however in many instances this is not an option - and can also compromise the long term safety of the door. If your garage door has been broken or damaged - whether deliberately or accidentally it is often worth seeking a replacement rather than attempting to repair.

Maybe now is the time to fit an insulated garage door?

insulate your garage

Whilst most energy saving advice focuses on the inside of your home, it makes sense to consider other areas of your property that are used throughout the colder months. Insulated garage doors are a great way of making use of spaces that would otherwise be too uncomfortable during the winter.

Tips for making your garage look festive this Christmas

garage with xmas lights

With Christmas just round the corner, we thought we would give you some tips on how to make your garage, a room often overlooked, looking festive. Here are a few ways to decorate it:

Garage Door Christmas Light

How secure are electric garage doors?

security of garage doors

With winter drawing closer and longer, darker nights approaching, your property and specifically your garage is often an attractive target for thieves

This is largely because of the high value items it holds such as cars, caravans, mowers, chainsaws and valuable tools. Often the garage can provide easy access to the house itself, therefore, it is exceptionally important to choose a garage door that can withstand an attempted break-in and deter/keep out potential intruders. 

Looking for Supply Only Garage Doors?

supply only garage doors

As a leading supplier of supply only garage doors throughout the UK, Autoroll have close partnerships with our trade customers and provide excellent trade accounts with great discounts on our supply only aluminium garage doors.


The Benefits of Electric Roller Shutters

electric roller shutters

What are the benefits of Electric Roller Shutters?

Roller Garage Doors or Steel Garage Doors?

Autoroll aluminium roller garage door

Roller Garage Doors or Steel Garage Doors?

It’s great to have plenty of choice of garage door materials, but it can be a struggle to decide which is best for your home. We compare the advantages and disadvantages of our roller garage doors against traditional steel garage doors - the most popular options. 

What colour garage door should I choose?

garage door colour options

Whilst white remains the most popular choice throughout the UK, with so many amazing colours to choose from, it’s certainly not the only choice.

If you use non-standard colours for you garage door, it's an ideal way to add personality to the front of a property without doing anything too extreme! If done properly, it can beautifully highlight and draw the eye to your new garage door.

Are you looking for an online garage door quote?

online garage door quote

At Autoroll, we understand that your time is precious and that your working day doesn't revolve around the typical 9am - 5pm.

Trade Garage Doors

At Autoroll, we sell domestically but we also offer trade garage doors to installers and fitters throughout the UK. Our trade clients appreciate the range of quality products we offer and also the high level of service we provide - this ensures they can depend on us to deliver an incredibly high standard of supply only trade garage door, which in turn, reflects positively on their company.