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5 reasons to replace your existing garage doors.

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Wear and tear

In some cases, roller garage door components can be replaced, we stock general door spare parts, however in many instances this is not an option - and can also compromise the long term safety of the door. If your garage door has been broken or damaged - whether deliberately or accidentally it is often worth seeking a replacement rather than attempting to repair.

Faulty operation

Most people use their garage doors every day, so any inconsistency in operation is often quite noticeable. If the roller door is operating inconsistently — in speed, smoothness, or responsiveness — it can often indicate that your garage door is unreliable and unsafe to use. Given small faults generally lead to terminal failure, it’s safer to replace the door with a new one.

Roller Garage Door Design

Electric garage doors that were created and fitted over a decade ago may well have been cutting edge at the time however given how quickly technology and design change, will most likely be outdated today in terms of security, energy efficiency and condition.If you are looking for a more modern door, the only option is to replace it rather than try to extend its already limited lifespan.

Electric Door Functionality

An electric roller garage door is the most compact garage door available, and brings a wide range of convenient features from security to day-to-day functionality. If you have an old up and over door, or a manual door of any kind, then it's probably time to opt for a garage door that’s easier to use and fits better with your home and general lifestyle. Electric roller doors are exceptionally helpful for those with disabilities, so if you find that you’re struggling to open your current door, a new automated roller door could be exactly what you need.

Excessive noise

Older doors can't compete with new garage door models in terms of efficiency and acoustic performance. Over time, older doors will wear and can generate an amount of unwanted noise when they open or close; this is quite common. A modern, insulated electric roller door will operate quickly, quietly and cut out any exterior noise, three major benefits that will truly make a difference.

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So, if you’re looking to replace your old garage door with a new roller door model, we offer doors that will suit the needs and budget of any customer. You can get an online door quote on our website or you can get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements - discover the perfect door for your property!