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Can Secure Roller Garage Doors Lower My Insurance Premium?

The garage has traditionally been an area of residential properties that thieves target. When many homeowners enhance their home security, they invest in home security alarm systems and security bars and grills for ground floor doors and windows but they often overlook the garage. This is a mistake because a property is only ever as secure as its weakest point and if the garage hasn’t been made secure with a highly secure garage roller door, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the area which thieves choose to target when attempting to gain entry.

Fire Regulations – How Roller Shutters Can Help

The economic cost of fires that break out in commercial and residential properties across the UK should make all property owners sit up and pay attention. In the year April 2014 to March 2015, fire and rescue workers attended roughly 155,000 fire-related incidents in England alone.

Although such incidents are fortunately on a downward trend, this is still a worrying figure, and as a result, all home and business owners need to take the correct preventative measures to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out at their home or place of business.

The Benefits of an Insulated Roller Garage Door

Autoroll offers commercial and residential customers a range of insulated garage roller doors, including our ‘Value’ range which is even more competitively priced and represents excellent value for money.
So, what are the benefits to choosing an insulated garage roller door for your commercial or residential property?

Does Your Business Need Roller Shutter Doors?

Whether you are running a city centre retail outlet or a café in the suburbs, there are a couple of very good reasons that you may wish to consider having roller shutter doors installed in your premises. Designed to fit snugly against doors, windows and other apertures, steel roller shutters are a common sight in commercial properties all over the United Kingdom.

Autoroll new van livery

Autoroll new van livery

Our new van has just been sign written, ready for a busy period ahead.

If you have a requirement for garage doors,  spend some time looking at the options on our product pages, you can submit an online enquiry via the site and have your doors delivered in no time.

A big welcome to two new members of the Autoroll team

In June we welcomed 2 new members of staff – Peter Newton and Norman Wrathmall. Norman worked for us a few years ago and has come back to resume his role as a fitter. Peter was the Sales Director at Gliderol for a number of years and we are happy to have him as part of our team.

Busy start to 2014

We have had an extremely good start to 2014 and hopefully it will continue throughout the rest of the year.

Our new website which was designed by Irun went live in April and should be easier for our customers to use.

AutoRoll Factory Expansion

Due to the continuing expansion of our garage door business, we have completed a 7000sq ft extension to our factory, where we will be manufacturing our range of residential and commercial roller garage doors.