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Why is anthracite grey such a popular choice for new garage doors?

anthracite garage door

An increasingly popular choice over the years, Anthracite Grey naturally enhances and compliments the other colours of the building materials without overpowering.

Discounted Aluminium Garage Doors

discounted garage doors

Our latest offer of reduced price aluminium garage doors

How to make your garage more environmentally friendly in 2022

green garage

We look at ways you can make your garage space greener.

With energy bills rising and global warming becoming more of a daily news item, one thing is clear - we can each do our bit to help the planet. The best place for many of us to start is at our very own home and in a space often overlooked, the garage.

Why aluminium is a popular choice for a new garage door.

advantages of aluminium roller garage doors

So, you know you need a new garage door and have decided on one made out of metal — but not sure which to choose between aluminium and steel. Here are a few advantage of each garage door material.


Steel is a popular material for garage doors. It is extremely durable and likely to last for many years ahead. They are quite commonly offered so it’s easy to find the right sized doors for you home. Here are a few advantages of choosing steel.

Did you know you can buy Autoroll roller garage doors online?

At Autoroll we make sure that every one of our customers get their dream electric roller garage doors that perfectly complement their home.

Autoroll manufacture and supply some of the best electric garage roller doors available on the market. Each and every one of our roller garage doors are made to provide exceptionally high quality at a competitive price. So, if you’re looking for a great supply only garage door at an incredible price, Autoroll is the best place to start your search.

Do I need an architect for a garage conversion?

garage home office conversion

With the events of the last year, many more of us are working from home and choosing to do so on a more permanent basis.

A Specialist in Trade Garage Doors

trade supply only garage doors

Autoroll provide a complete trade garage door to both the commercial and residential sectors.

Whether you simply need a supply only garage door delivered to your building project as soon as possible or several hundred doors for an entire development, Autoroll are the perfect place to begin your enquiry.

Get a quote for aluminium garage doors today!

At Autoroll, we understand that you need an aluminium garage door supplier that operates outside the usual 9 to 5.

Why should I choose electric roller garage doors?

Electric roller garage doors provide you with a huge amount of convenience when compared to manual garage doors.

Here are just a few reasons why you could benefit from installing automatic garage doors

1.  A higher level of safety

Benefits of an insulated garage door

insulated roller garage door

With colder weather on the horizon, you can expect your heating bills to start rising as you prioritise keeping your home warm and cosy and ensuring the cold stays out. Improving insulation, however, is a far more efficient way of regulating and maintaining a constant warm temperature in your home, making it a sound investment. Environmentally, it will also reduce your properties carbon footprint.