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Why is anthracite grey such a popular choice for new garage doors?

anthracite garage door

An increasingly popular choice over the years, Anthracite Grey naturally enhances and compliments the other colours of the building materials without overpowering.

Given the depth of the colour, it generally contrasts any natural materials and the uniform finish works with the uneven textures of any stone or brick surfaces. It also works perfectly with foliage and grass shades, helping the garage sit in its surrounding environment whilst making a subtle statement. Likewise, Anthracite Grey window frames are generally used on a contemporary urban building help define the windows with straight lines without the stark 'frame' that white windows create, sometimes causing rather too much attention to the eye.


Bring out the best


Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) is not just for garage doors and window frames. It is often used in interior design, creating a calm, relaxed environment. Anthracite also work well with many other interior colours and surfaces. For example, many varieties of wood are enhanced as the soft smooth surface reflect the softer tones of the colour. Also, stainless steel within a kitchen environment takes on a bolder, more contemporary appearance and blends in equally well with either natural materials or more modern aesthetics such as a glass or vibrant colours.


A garage door that makes the most of your property

So, in summary, by combining Anthracite Grey on the exterior of your property (by means of a new electric garage door) with the building material of the property itself you can create a stylish, sophisticated look that maximised the potential of your home. If you have any questions about our aluminium garage doors, then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team - we would be more than happy to help.