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Why aluminium is a popular choice for a new garage door.

advantages of aluminium roller garage doors

So, you know you need a new garage door and have decided on one made out of metal — but not sure which to choose between aluminium and steel. Here are a few advantage of each garage door material.


Steel is a popular material for garage doors. It is extremely durable and likely to last for many years ahead. They are quite commonly offered so it’s easy to find the right sized doors for you home. Here are a few advantages of choosing steel.

Key Advantages of Steel Garage Doors

Low-Maintenance. Pre-painted steel doors require little more than an annual spray with the hose to keep them looking like new, and your steel garage door can be repainted if desired.
Versatility. Steel can be used to construct any type of garage door, including: Sectional, Side-hinged, Traditional up-and-over, Rolled


Aluminum garage doors share many of the same characteristics as steel garage doors, but aluminum is a much lighter metal than a steel alternative. Aluminum garage doors are also generally less expensive than steel, so the perfect option for homeowners looking for premium aesthetic finish to their property with one eye on minimising the budget

Key Advantages of Aluminum Garage Doors

Extremely Lightweight. The reduced load makes an aluminum garage door much easier to install, and the lighter weight places less stress on torsion springs and tracks for increased longevity and fewer repairs. On the whole, aluminium doors are far more reliable than steel.
Lifespan. Aluminum as a material is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion and therefore the ideal material for most climates and especially in coastal areas where the ocean air contains more salt and moisture. This can significantly damage other material choices.
Eco friendly. Aluminum is an abundant, natural pure material and can be recycled multiple times at the end of their life.
Low-Maintenance. Aluminium doors won’t rust and requires little more than a periodic wipe down to keep looking fresh and brand new.

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