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Why should I choose electric roller garage doors?

Electric roller garage doors provide you with a huge amount of convenience when compared to manual garage doors.

Here are just a few reasons why you could benefit from installing automatic garage doors

1.  A higher level of safety

A major factor to consider when looking for an electric garage door is how safe is the garage door itself - the door is controlled by a single remote so it’s far safer than a traditional manual garage door - largely because you don’t have to manually pull the door. electric roller garage doors often have a backup mechanism for manual locking and unlocking so even when there’s a power cut, the owner will be able to control it.

2.  More Convenient

People are continually looking to control devices more simply and easier. Electric garage doors are operated automatically using a simple remote control so operation couldn't be easier and you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to open the door manually when needed. Autoroll garage doors can be operated from the inside as well as outside, so even if you’re in the car, you can use your remote to open and close it without getting out of the vehicle.

4.  Customisation

Electric automatic garage doors provide options opening speeds, depending on your preference. Also, depending on your visual needs, tastes and home decor, you can select an electric garage door that matches the exterior of your home. 

5. Increase security

In addition to the obvious security benefits that come with always parking your car out of view of the street, automated garage doors are also generally tougher to gain access to than a traditional garage door. This often makes them a prime target for thieves. The matched remote control is key for entry via electric garage doors, ensuring you deter burglars and keep your car, possessions and property more protected.

To find out more benefits that electric garage doors provide for your home and lifestyle, feel free to give one of our team a call today.