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Maybe now is the time to fit an insulated garage door?

insulate your garage

Whilst most energy saving advice focuses on the inside of your home, it makes sense to consider other areas of your property that are used throughout the colder months. Insulated garage doors are a great way of making use of spaces that would otherwise be too uncomfortable during the winter.

Most of us don't consider garages to be part of the house, but many garages often have living spaces around and above them in addition to having access doors that connect the garage space directly to the house. As a general rule, garages aren't considered to be part of the house and therefore construction standards are very different - you will often find more gaps and more air leakage - therefore, as a result, your garage is one of the least energy efficient parts of your home and could benefit the most from insulation.

Uninsulated garages will transfer cold air to the rooms next to them and above them through the walls and ceiling, and also through the holes or gaps in the door.

By adding insulation to your garage door you can help save energy. By retaining a moderate temperature in your garage space, you will reduce the warm air lost from inside your home. At Autoroll, we have a wide range of insulated garage doors to select from - all with a high level of performance that will dramatically improve the energy efficiency. As a result, you will benefit from lower heating bills, and more importantly, be able to take advantage of a new, useful space in your home to potentially convert to a home office, gym or games room?

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