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Can Secure Roller Garage Doors Lower My Insurance Premium?

The garage has traditionally been an area of residential properties that thieves target. When many homeowners enhance their home security, they invest in home security alarm systems and security bars and grills for ground floor doors and windows but they often overlook the garage. This is a mistake because a property is only ever as secure as its weakest point and if the garage hasn’t been made secure with a highly secure garage roller door, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the area which thieves choose to target when attempting to gain entry.

Autoroll’s roller garage doors are highly secure and self-locking, eliminating the need to have locks on display.

Enhancing Home Security to Reduce Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies offer reduced premiums to homeowners who take measures to enhance their home security by installing alarm systems, deadbolts, door and window bars and grills and secure garage roller doors. By enhancing security measures at home, your insurer will see your property as less of a risk and will, therefore, charge you lower insurance premiums.

What’s more, by enhancing your home security you’re also helping to further protect your family, which is a very important consideration that none of us can afford to take lightly. Our range of aesthetically pleasing and highly secure garage roller doors enhance home security by:

  • Being controlled by remote so you can open and close the door without leaving the car

A number of intrusions occur when people enter or leave their home garage. With a remote controlled secure roller garage door from Autoroll, you needn’t stop and get out to unlock your door as you can open it as you approach your garage and securely close it upon entering.

  • Our aluminium insulated roller garage door have Anti-lift geometry locking straps actively engage locking when the door is closed

By actively engaging the anti-lift geometry locking straps when the door is closed, the roller garage door is made much more secure and homeowners don’t need to remember to lock it. 

  • Our plastisol coated steel doors are manufactured to commercial standard and represent a formidable barrier

With their superior steel construction and high-quality components to further increase strength and sturdiness, our secure roller garage doors are a formidable barrier that deters intruders from attempting to gain entry to residential properties.

The more secure you make your home, the less chance there is of it being broken into. This means that it’s less risk to your insurance company because there’s less of a risk of you having to make an insurance claim as a result of having your valuable possessions stolen by intruders.

In addition to our range of residential roller doors that boast superior security properties, Autoroll also offers commercial customers an outstanding range of commercial roller doors and shutters which are also highly secure. If you’re looking to reduce your insurance premiums at home or at work, our range of premium quality roller doors and shutters are a great choice.