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Insulated Steel Roller Shutter

Made to measure roller shutters for UK homes and businesses.

Whether you are in need of roller shutters that will operate faultlessly for many years in a busy warehouse environment or you would like to buy a roller garage door for your home that will take whatever the elements can throw at it, our range is sure to include something that is perfect for your requirements.

At Autoroll we roll form a steel 77mm by 18mm thick insulated steel lath section, which has been designed, especially for the industrial market.
The profile is the same as our aluminium lath section but it can be used with the same steel guides and motor set-up, as a single skin galvanised shutter.
The insulated steel doors are constructed from interlocking 77mm twin walled steel lath and filled with CFC-free insulating foam providing a typical U value of up to 5.2 w/m2 K. These doors are extremely strong, weighing 12kg per square metre, making them ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial uses.
The galvanised steel head plates are fitted with linear style bearings which in turn causes the door barrel to move forward when closed to minimize the air gap between the door curtain and the lintel.
The door curtain is coated in an anti-abrasive polyester finish and has a heavy duty weather seal to the bottom section.
insulated steel garage doorssteel roller garge door by autoroll

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