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At Autoroll UK we have combined the design and strength of a commercial door, with our exclusive garage door section, to give an aesthetically pleasing look, especially for the domestic market. This door was tested by Warrington APT product testing centre to EN13241-1:2003 and achieved class +5 rating (hurricane force) plus 25%, with no visible damage. Test report 146701/1 Our roller garage doors are custom made for each garage opening and because of the way in which they are constructed, it allows you to maximize your drive-through height and width. Tall openings, arches and extra wide openings are not a problem for us to accommodate.
Standard features include:-
High quality Italian remote control operation, complete with two handsets
Anti-drop safety brake
Bottom rail safety edge
Heavy duty rubber seal to the bottom of the door
Self locking
Internal manual override facility
Choice of colours
Fully compliant and CE marked
Optional extras:-
Lockable external override
Powder coated canopy & fascia sections
Powder coated guides and endplates
Autoroll construction
The door is manufactured from 73mm individual interlocking steel lath sections and the external surface is coated in a leathergrain plastisol finish. The interlocking lath are held in place by nylon endlocks which are riveted to each section. The bottom section of the door comes complete with a heavy duty weather seal. The design of the door also enables it to be easily and economically repaired in the event of accidental damage.
Due to the design of the Autoroll door, it can be adapted to accommodate most types of garages, even those with arches.
The door curtain is manufactured from steel and the external surface is coated with a leathergrain plastisol finish. The internal surface has a light grey transit protection primer which can be painted.
Guide rails
The 3mm thick steel guide rails come in a galvanised finish as standard and depending on the door size, are available in 50mm or 65mm widths. There is also a thick brush pile fitted to the inside front of the guides, which reduces noise whilst helping prevent against draughts.

Once fully retracted, the curtain is housed between two end plates which are welded to a full length angle which is then is fixed to the wall at each side of the opening. This design means that the weight of the door is evenly distributed, which is especially useful when there are no fixing points above the opening.

Manual override
In the event of a power failure, a manual winding handle ensures that the door can be opened from inside the garage. A lockable external winding system is also available as an optional extra, if there is no other available access into the garage.

Remote control operation
Each Autoroll door comes with remote control operation and 2 executive style compact handsets with key fobs. Rolling code technology ensures that security is paramount, with a unique code generated each time the handset is activated.The remote control unit comes with a surface mounted 'up' and 'down' buttons and has a built in coutesy light. The system does a complete safety test each time it is operated. 
The tight roll of the door requires only 300mm of headroom for doors up to 2500mm overall height and 330mm of headroom for doors up to 3000mm high. This allows additional roof space in your garage and maximizes the drive through height for taller vehicles. Please note that approximately 75mm of the bottom of the door will be visible below the opening, when the door is in the open position.
Side room
The Autoroll door can be installed either within the opening (reveal fix) if the side room is limited or behind the opening (face fix), allowing any old timber frames to be removed and maximising the drive through width.
At the time of manufacture, all Autoroll motors are designed to lift at least double the weight of the door that they are being fitted to.
All Autoroll doors are fully compliant, CE marked and come with a comprehensive 12 months parts warranty.