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The Benefits of an Insulated Roller Garage Door

Autoroll offers commercial and residential customers a range of insulated garage roller doors, including our ‘Value’ range which is even more competitively priced and represents excellent value for money.
So, what are the benefits to choosing an insulated garage roller door for your commercial or residential property?

Heat Retention

This is one of the biggest benefits to choosing an insulated garage roller door over one that isn’t insulated. When home and business owners invest in insulation products for their properties to reduce their energy bills, they predominantly focus on the living areas of the home or the most utilised areas of their business. Subsequently, many overlook the garage area and garage door.

Like all other areas of the home or place of work, the garage is another area from which heat can escape and cold air can enter, so it’s important to ensure the garage area is properly insulated and sealed. This is especially the case with the garage door as it’s a vast space that has the potential to allow a lot of heat to escape and cold air to enter the home or place of work.

By selecting an Autoroll commercial or residential insulated garage door, you’re increasing the energy efficient properties of your entire property which translates into a home or place of business that is more affordable to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Compactly designed brush seals provide draft proofing
  • CFC-free foam delivers outstanding energy conservation and heat retention
  • High-quality materials and design combine to deliver a U value of 5.2w/m2 k
  • Additionally, your garage door needs to be correctly fitted to deliver the maximum benefits, so make the most of our installation guides to ensure the heavy duty rubber weather seal at the bottom of the door is flush with the floor and no components are damaged during installation.

Sound Proofing

Another benefit to choosing a roller garage door that has been insulated with CFC-free foam is the sound proofing qualities. For many residential customers this isn’t an issue, however, for commercial customers whose business activities are noisy or residential customers residing in a busy area with heavy traffic, the noticeable reduction in sound can prove highly beneficial.

Our insulated steel doors are an excellent choice for commercial or industrial properties with their 77mm twin walled steel lath and CFC-free insulating foam that delivers excellent sound proofing qualities in addition to outstanding energy efficiency and heat retention.

Space Saving

Insulated roller garage doors also empower home and business owners to maximise garage space. As roller doors only occupy the space directly behind the door opening, cars and other vehicles can be parked right up to the door, enabling you to use more of your garage for storage and other purposes.

Our insulated roller garage doors have many benefits to offer home and business owners. If you’d like to learn more about our range of insulated garage roller doors and insulated roller shutters we manufacture, please get in contact with the Autoroll team.