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Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

At Autoroll we manufacture various types of commercial, industrial and domestic steel roller shutters which are custom made to suit our customer's requirements. We offer galvanised and insulated steel shutters which can easily be made to perfectly fit any space. The ordering and delivery process is simple. With a quick turnaround and competitive prices, we can help you get the roller shutters you need. Simply order online, or give us a call on 0191 4155 888 to find out more.

Galvanised Steel Roller Shutters
Insulated Steel Roller Shutters
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Insulated Steel Roller Shutters

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors by Autoroll
The most popular type of commercial security shutter is manufactured from galvanised steel and we offer either 22g or 20g thicknesses depending on the size of door and where it is to be fitted. These doors can be powder coated to any RAL. or BS colour.
When choosing shutters for a retail unit, a popular option is to have a perforated roller shutter door, which would allow customers to see goods on display after hours when the roller shutters are closed. However, they still offer a high level of security for even the most expensive of goods.
If insulation is required, we manufacture steel insulated roller doors which are perfect for factories and warehouses. Although these doors are thicker, you can use the same steel guides and motor set-up as our single skin shutters. The doors are designed to let minimal airflow through, and there's a heavy duty weather seal at the bottom. Made from interlocking steel, and filled with insulating foam, the strength of these doors make them popular for industrial and commercial use.
The doors can be fitted face fix to the inside of the building, face fix to the outside (a canopy would be needed) or fitted between the reveal or a combination of face and reveal fix. The bottom of the door can be fitted into a T or L bottom rail, giving extra strength and stability.
It couldn't be easier to get the right size roller shutter door from Autoroll. On our website you'll find a selection of the most popular sizes of galvanised steel roller shutter doors. You can also order bespoke doors from us, either insulated or non-insulated, and our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.
The main reason why roller shutters are used in retail and industrial environments is the superior level of security that they offer. They can protect your stock and assets, making your property extremely difficult to break into. There are several solutions available for locks, depending on where the shutters are installed and how you plan to use them.
Galvanised steel doesn't generally rust, but it can dull over time, and so a powder coating is an option, and at Autoroll we offer many standard colours. The doors can also be easily painted, although they will need a coat of primer to ensure the finish looks professional.
With competitive prices and a quick turnaround, we can help you get the roller shutters you need. Simply order online or give us a call on 0191 4155 888 to find out more.

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