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Fire Regulations – How Roller Shutters Can Help

The economic cost of fires that break out in commercial and residential properties across the UK should make all property owners sit up and pay attention. In the year April 2014 to March 2015, fire and rescue workers attended roughly 155,000 fire-related incidents in England alone.

Although such incidents are fortunately on a downward trend, this is still a worrying figure, and as a result, all home and business owners need to take the correct preventative measures to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out at their home or place of business.

Along with installing fire and smoke detectors and having the correct type of fire extinguisher handy, Autoroll’s fire rated roller shutters help home and business owners protect their families, employees, personal possessions, stock and work equipment from the threat of fire.

Fire Resistant Shutters Play a Vital Role in Fire Strategies

Fire strategies help to safeguard human life as well as the commercial or residential building and the stock, equipment and personal possessions contained within. In addition to essential detection equipment like fire and smoke alarms and fire containment equipment such as sprinklers and smoke extraction systems, fire resistant shutters play a vital role in fire strategies by compartmentalising a building and helping to prevent a fire from rapidly spreading.

The roller shutters are deployed by the fire alarm system and close automatically, with most closing under the gravity of their own weight and more advanced models shutting at a controlled pace to give people more time to escape. Fire Detection Interface (FDI) panels can also be installed on fire resistant roller shutters to increase deployment options, for example, being initially deployed as a smoke barrier before being deployed as a fire containment wall.


To ensure they work effectively and provide a highly secure, fire resistant barrier, roller shutters need to be installed correctly. Consequently, you not only need to ensure the fire resistant shutter door you select for your home or place of business is the right product for your needs, but that it’s also installed correctly so it provides maximum protection should a fire break out.

Our Fire Resistant Shutters

We have developed a four-hour fire resistant rolling shutter tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987 with fire attack from both sides at Bodycote Warrington Fire, which is one of the UK’s leading fire testing facilities. Our rolling shutter exceeds all requirements and is totally compliant with European Legislation for your complete assurances of quality and safety.

A Wide Range of Features

To ensure our roller shutters are fully able to resist fire damage and protect your family or employees, our range of roller shutters feature single or three phase pre-wired controlled decent motors complete with auto reset release mechanisms activated by a fire alarm signal. And to complement your roller shutter and make your property even more resistant to fire damage, Autoroll can offer you a great range of fire control panels, heat detectors, repeater panels and smoke heads. Get in touch with the Autoroll team today to learn more.