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Insulated garage doors

What is plastisol and why do we use it for our roller garage doors?

Autoroll insulated roller garage doors have a number of key benefits, including excellent thermal and sound insulation properties which combine with a flexible choice of colours and a pleasant, warm feel for the user. These properties are down to the material that we coat the steel with, which is a popular PVC based material called Plastisol. Plastisol is comprised of a PVC or polymer suspension within a liquid plasticiser and can be poured as a liquid at manufacturing stage into molds or applied to materials such as steel sheeting. When the plastisol is applied and heated to approx 177 degrees celsius, the particles dissolve forming a highly viscous gel which when cooled to below 60 degerees celsius is a permanent and highly resilient solid material. 

Protected for life

Apart from providing thermal insulation and sound insulating properties, Plastisol also has excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and defends well against impact damage, very useful in a busy garage. These features help make our high quality roller garage doors the perfect choice for a long serviceable life and they can also match your home perfectly due to the choice of colours and stylish appearance.
Our standard insulated plastisol door comes with galvanised steel guide rails and end plates. These have the option of being powder coated should you prefer.

Plastisol is the perfect material for our insulated garage doors and we think you will  find them to be an effective, efficient and economical purchase.
Roller garage doors are growing in popularity and we can design and manufacture to your precise requirements.  Standard features include remote control operation, anti-drop safety brake and self locking facility with override, options include powder coated canopy, fascia guides and endplates, wireless safety edge, extra handset and lockable external override.

It is easy to order any of the various roller garage doors we have via our online shop. All doors are fully compliant with the latest regulations and CE marking and excellent guarantees. Get an online garage door quotation today.
If you wish to install the doors yourself, make life easy by watching our video guide.

Other uses of Plastisol in manufacturing

As well as insulting garage doors, Plastisol is often used for coating outdoor furniture and roofing products and also a number of electrical goods. One of the most popular uses of plastisol is in the printing industry. Plastisol provides a tough, opaque and durable ink for screen printing, especially in the printing of fabrics and garments.