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Electric Garage Doors

Automated garage doors can be simple and affordable

Garages are an essential part of everyday life in the home, whether attached to the house or when constructed as a separate structure. Today we expect more from our home improvements to make better use of the space we have and to automate tasks as much as possible.

Garage types

There are many types of garage door, including our electric roller garages doors, sectional doors, up-and-over doors, sliding and folding doors, round the corner doors and more.  All these different door types can be aided by automation to some degree and generally have an electric option including remote control. 

Roller Garage Doors

By far the most useful garage door in terms of space saving is the electric roller garage door, which can be specified in a wide range of styles and colour, meticulously manufactured by us to exceptional standards and ready to deliver UK wide. The roller garage door lends itself perfectly to being automated and features remote electrical operation as standard.

The vertical opening and closing and abscence of a track mechanism makes them perfect for  larger vehicles as there is no intrusion into overhead space within the garage. This allows for safe parking and no fear of damage on overhead stell supports or cables etc.

Our roller garage doors can be installed in virtually any available space and opening, and with two types of fabricated skin types are sure to offer you an attractive, practical solution. The two roller door types we offer are an aluminium door with foam insulation and a steel door that is coated with PVC (plastisol). The plastisol is available in a wide range of colours so is easy to customise to your specification.

Our electric roller garage doors are easy to install with competent level DIY skills. To help make things as simple as possible we have produced an installation video here and we have fitting instructions here.