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Made to measure roller shutters for UK homes and businesses. Whether you are in need of roller shutters that will operate faultlessly for many years in a busy warehouse environment or you would like to buy a roller garage door for your home that will take whatever the elements can throw at it, our range is sure to include something that is perfect for your requirements.

Brochure Download

Get detailed information about our commercial and domestic roller shutters and doors

You can find those details here on our Brochure Download page. Autoroll has always been honest about our products as we believe that quality speaks for itself. So read up about our Autotherm insulated roller shutters or download a Plastisol garage door brochure today. You can also download our fire rated roller shutters leaflet if you desire. Information on colours, dimensions, construction and design is now available here so why not see what our custom-made garage doors and commercial shutters can do for you?


Autoroll Plastisol Garage Door Brochure Autoroll Plastisol Garage Door Brochure
Authotherm Insulated Garage Door Brochure Authotherm Insulated Garage Door Brochure
Fire Rated Roller Shutters Fire Rated Roller Shutters